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iBAKE Denver

Welcome to iBAKE Denver the pipe and tobacco shop you can smoke WEED in!  That’s right, or shop was the first of it’s kind to open across the nation.  In 2013 iBAKE Denver opened to it first customers and it hasn’t slowed down since.  With over 4,000 members there’s no doubt that iBAKE Denver is the largest pipe and tobacco shop of it’s kind as well.

In March of 2014 the owners of iBAKE Denver worked very hard and very closely with business associates to launch iBAKE Lakewood.  iBAKE Lakewood is a bit different then iBAKE Denver. While you can’t smoke weed at iBAKE Lakewood, this shop is for those 18 and up, but it’s also open 24/7, being the first and only pipe and tobacco shop in Colorado that’s open 24 hours a day!


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iBAKE Denver

iBAKE Lakewood




ChromicCron A Multiple Cannabis Club Social Event (CLICK 4 MORE INFO)

ChromicCron Flyer #1

iBAKE Denver is the Proud Host of the 2014 Medicated Chef Contest Preliminary Rounds #1, #2 & #3


iBAKE Denver is Also Sponsoring the Following Events this Summer

South Park Music Fest July 4th Weekend

South Park Music Fest Flyer

31st Invitational BONG-A-THON First Weekend In August



iBAKE Denver opened in February, 2013, and since then it’s taken Colorado and the rest of the cannabis industry around the USA by storm.  iBAKE Denver is the only “Private Membership Headshop” that allows its patrons to consume cannabis on site.  This venue is 21 and up, unless you have a valid Colorado “Red Card” (Medical Marijuana Card.)



15 comments to iBAKE Denver

  • Quin  says:

    Glad to know things are great there.

    • thethurlowweed  says:


  • Edward Caussade  says:


    My name is Ed Caussade. My wife and I are former dispensary owners whom are looking to start a pipe shop and was inquiring about franchise options. We live in Greeley and are very open to business ideas and ventures. You can reach me via email for now if franchise options are available.


    Ed Caussade

    • LittleTree  says:

      Please email us at info@noexcusesentertainment.com in order to inquire about a franchising opportunity. We are excited to hear that you would like one in your area, as we have looked into that area as a future spot! Have a Hempy Week!

  • jeanie dedmon  says:

    Miss you guys. I can’t walk & just had 5 screws and a plate put in my broken arm. I would SO appreciate a visit from you. …Please. ..Jeanie

  • Eric  says:

    Yes this is the first stop im making when i goto denver!!!

  • Marly  says:

    Can non denver residents apply to b members? Can i make a reservation today or can we walk in?

  • Dab king  says:

    What’s the grand prize?

  • Zoe Rodriguez  says:

    Going to Denver very soon
    Can I join? I am from NJ
    Can I smoke. Cannabis at I bake?
    Thank you

  • big leroy  says:

    Dab up 420 life

  • Thomas KENNETH Dennis  says:

    What a great place to meet the who is who in the Cannabis industry. I watched stoners from all over the world do there first dab hits of World Class Medication from a dispensory time and time again. Amsterdam in North America!

  • big leroy  says:

    what time is the closet grower cup final

  • Chris  says:


    I like to smoke cannabis in spliffs. I heard that your shop qualifies as a tobacconist. Can I smoke my marijuana mises with tobacco in iBake?



  • Chris  says:

    …that should have said “mixed” with tobacco.

  • D.C. Younger  says:

    See you soon!!

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